3 steps to an authentic brand

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Authentic brand – what does it even mean?

We’re all just too tired of the fake all around us.

The magic pill to cure it all.

The *secret formula* to a 6-figure business in 30 days.

Those brands with no substance, soul, and meaning.

We’re waaaay too smart not to see when someone’s fake and we hate that, right?

And we definitely DO NOT want our brand to be seen that way.

What we want is authenticity.

But what does it actually mean?

“If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is.”

Cambridge Dictionary


“It is real, true or what people say it is.”

True to what? To what you say it is.

So how do you say what it is?!

This is exactly what we do when we take people through the process in our Brand Elevation program.

3 steps to an authentic brand


Here’s how it goes:

Your WHY

Dig deep to understand: what is your business north star, it’s vision and mission? Why do you do what you do (beyond money, of course)?
Is it to help people improve their lives? To help them feel better, more confident? To improve their businesses? To help them break free of what’s not working for them?

Think about what’s your big vision and the real reason you started this particular business.

Don’t worry if it’s not as big as changing the world. By making women look better and feel confident you help them in a HUGE way. We all know what a perfect lipstick or a fresh haircut can do to our self-esteem and what we can do when we feel amazing, right?

Your HOW

Now that you know WHY you started your business and why you do what you do, how do you want to make it happen? What are your values, the rules you want to play by?
If your WHY is to empower women (like my business), HOW do you want to do it? For me, it’s to help them build successful brands so they can do what they love and truly fulfill their potential. My strong values are creativity, productiveness, holistic approach, high level of attention and true human connections.

What’s your HOW?


Now that you know your WHY and HOW let’s think about WHAT you need to do to make it happen in a way that is aligned with your vision, mission, and values. What offers, services or products should you create to realize your big mission (WHY) in a way you want to do it (HOW)?

What will be the most aligned way to do that?

I believe I can only bring about a real Brand Elevation and help them position their brand in a way that helps them reach their goals if I give them enough attention and really understand their brands. That’s why, I offer only high-touch, high-level programs, I ask the right questions and NEVER design anything before I understand their brand to the core. My services and programs are a reflection of what I believe in.

What does your brand experience need to be so it’s aligned with your big WHY and HOW?



Real authenticity is rooted in the alignment of your beliefs and your actions.

So say what your values are loud and clear and build your brand honouring them, whatever you do.

The result will definitely be an authentic brand that FEELS like the perfect choice for people who are ideal for your business.

Why don’t you leave a reply with your big WHY, HOW and WHAT or where you struggle the most, so we can get back to you with some helpful tips?



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