Join thousands who discovered their brand personality and were shocked by their results.

This was absolutely one of the most accurate tests I have ever taken. Thank you for confirming what I already felt. The results completely resonated with me.
This is so spot on me that I am a little shocked it could be generated on a 12 question quiz. I can’t wait until I get the next email from you!
OMG – absolutely – made me shiver – this so me.
There was a lot about the Innocent that felt like you had read my mind.
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How do you know you’re ready for a website redesign

Psst! Ready to uncover your brand personality?

Before my clients come to me with their website redesign, they often spend months wondering if they should invest in it.


I get it, it’s an investment! One of many you need to make for your business. If you’re a smart business woman, you’re cautious with spending money and you think twice before you pull out your credit card. To be honest, there are times when you shouldn’t re-design your website, because it works well for you. In this case, it will probably be better to wait a while and do it when you want to change direction, launch new services or products or rebrand. That’s why, we prepared this quick and easy quiz for you, that will allow you to see if you would benefit from a website re-design right now.






Are you feeling frustrated with your website right now?


When your website doesn’t look professional and doesn’t represent your brand well, you may find yourself:

  • attracting the wrong audience,
  • answering the same questions over and over again,
  • not being able to raise your prices,
  • not being able to land collaborations you know you deserve,
  • trying to break the ceiling you feel you hit but not being able to do it.

All this unnecessarily slows your brand growth down and makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry, though! It can all be fixed with a purposeful, thoughtful re-design. All your problems can be fixed and you can start attracting your ideal audience, raise your prices and finally start really growing your brand.





The fact is, designing a website is an art and a science.



Not only does it need to be pretty, show off your personality and vibe. Most importantly, it has to be strategic and present your content in a way that converts.

When your website is professionally designed, you experience all these things:

  • you attract ideal clients who are eager to work with you and pay the price you call,
  • growing your email list is easy, because people who come on your website are looking for someone like you and can’t wait to download your stuff,
  • potential clients who contact you were looking exactly for someone like you,
  • you can rise your prices and grow your brand easily and in the flow.


Still not sure if you could use a re-design? Take the quiz and find out!


Ready to stop feeling frustrated, invest in your brand and experience some real growth? Chat to us today and see how we can help!



How to stand out from the competition?

Take our quiz to find out which Brand Archetype best represents your brand, add personality and differentiate your brand to truly stand out and connect with your audience.

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