Season Personality: Autumn

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Now that you know basics of Color Psychology and learned about Spring and Summer Season Personalities, let’s talk about Autumn.

If Spring or Summer weren’t your jam, maybe Autumn will be?

Autumn is a season of abundance and fruitfulness. It’s earthy, warm, reliable and loyal. Its vibrant colors with a splash of muted shades make you feel cared for and warm.

This personality is often stubborn and may have problems seeing problems from other perspectives. Autumn people love history and are fascinated by it.

Businesses using this season color palette are highly energetic, independent, yet friendly and very warm. They are passionate and ambitious, love breaking the rules.

They build long term relationships with their clients and love to be helpful and taking care of others. Very close to nature, they are natural campaigners of respect for natural way of living and norms.

If your business is all about long-term relationships, helping others in a loyal, honest and inspiring way, this Color Season is perfect for you. Autumn is also great for businesses selling anything that’s organic and natural (hand-made scented candles anyone?).

This color season is widely used by restaurants and coffee shops, organic and fair-trade businesses, outdoor, charity. Its warm colors are inviting and make you feel cared for and relaxed.

Autumn Color Palette

Intensive, bold and muted, rich colors of the Autumn garden. The first word that comes to mind when you see this color palette is WARM. Choose from yellows, copper, gold, oranges, red, burgundy, greens and brown. You can also find muted, warm greys and beiges, and can often notice splashes of cobalt blue, as a supporting color.

Textures and patterns

Autumn patterns and textures will be using warm colors, oval shapes. You’ll see less geometric shapes in patterns, but you’ll often see leaves, flowers and pencil lines. They are fun and playful.

Often used are brush strokes, acrylic paint textures and dusty, old paper.


Chunky, bold fonts with rounded shape are a must in Autumn.
Perfect fonts for this season are all bold versions of these:

If you’d like to choose beautiful script fonts that accompany this season, choose from ones with fine lines and consistent width, like:

Lines and shapes

Autumn is all about warmth and fireplaces. Perfect shapes are round, like: circles, oval shapes, rounded corners.

Lines are bold, you’ll often see lines that are freely traveling though the layout like they were hand drawn.

Are you an Autumn?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this season. Does it resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Michelle Stratford

    Really pleased to have found your site! I am looking for Autumn fonts for my business. I currently have a WordPress site designed a few years ago which I am revamping and don’t want to change the theme (too risky I think)- it uses Text Me One and Economica. I am choosing Autumn colours for the site and other uses but am a bit lost as to what to do font-wise for print and other digital marketing to maintain the autumn theme. Any suggestions would be really welcome. I use Canva a lot and my fonts have mainly been Montserrat Light, Kollektif and Norwester. Thanks!

    • Alex

      Hi, Michelle! Good choice of fonts! If you haven’t had branding done professionally yet it might be a good idea. If you’re not ready to invest yet though, just try to stick with a max of 3 fonts on all your marketing materials and website so its consistent. Hope that helps!

  2. Laura Lewis

    Would you say Questa Grande be a good font for an autumn personality, with Braisetto for a tagline?


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