In this post, I talked to you about how most people are stuck with their branding and website, trying to tweak and re-design it until they get it right and attract their ideal audience (they usually never do).  Let me be brutally honest with you:


Even the best, most beautiful design is worthless and won’t attract people you want, if you don’t ask yourself this one question:

who do I want to attract and what do I want them to do?


Attract your ideal audience


See, without knowing the answer to that one question, you will never be able to create a memorable brand and website that grows your business and converts.

You want a website that makes people want to say:  “Take my money now! I want everything! This has been created just for me and I love it aaaaallll!”. – (yes, it is possible and we do get those results for our clients!).

Now take a moment to think about what professional website could do for your business:

  • More brand awareness = like-trust factor,
  • Easier selling process, cause they want it all!
  • More money + more time to grow your biz.
  • Crushing that ceiling you hit some time ago.
  • Getting collaborations you know you deserve + growing your audience.
  • Presenting yourself as a PRO that you know you are.


When done the right way, branding and professional website re-design could be absolutely transformative! Just read Maria’s story to see what I mean. Just hours after the launch of her new website, she received over $4k worth of business enquiries. People actually booked and paid for her services.



What happens when your website isn’t clear on that one thing

When you don’t know your ideal audience like it was your BFF, a few things can happen:

  • You’ll attract people who can’t afford you
  • You’ll attract people who have different expectations
  • You’ll attract people who are not ready to buy from you
  • You won’t be able to convert those who are ready into clients or customers
  • People will land on your site, browse for a few seconds and leave (because they can’t find what you do, don’t know if it’s for them and just can’t be bothered to dig deeper).


There’s an easy fix for this though and it’s always:

Getting clear on who your audience is and what you want them to do on your website. Everything else comes from that one thing: your ideal website layout, your branding, your content, your brand voice… even your products!

That’s why I really encourage you to spend some time reflecting on that question, even if: You already have a website that works well You have massive following and many readers of your blog You’re established coach, makeup artist, or photographer that’s fully booked in advance You’re an e-commerce business that does really well.

Increasing your conversion rate by even 2% will make a HUGE difference especially when you’re established and have a lot of traffic on your website. The more you’re established, the more refining there is to do.


Want to chat about how we can help you improve your website and get clear on your goals?



I’m a branding & web designer based
in Bristol, UK.

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