Is Hero your brand's *irresistible* personality?

Hero Brand Archetype is all about mastery.


“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Pauline Kael


Courageous, driven, disciplined.

The Hero inspires us to become better, think bigger and get stronger.

If your brand is the Hero, you inspire others to become heroes in their own lives.

The Hero is disciplined, driven, often very competitive. Strong both physically and mentally, they do not shy away from challenges that lay ahead.

The Summary

Motto: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Basic desire: To prove your worth through difficult act.

Goal & objective: To push yourself and prove yourself by challenging yourself.

Fear: Vulnerability, weakness, being a coward.

Strategy: Be as competent and strong as you can.

Weakness:  Being too competitive, arrogant, always looking for a new fight.

Talent: Courage, endurance.

The call: Feeling powerless, out of control. Wanting something and being willing to get it. Seeing a challenge emerging.

Your customers need: To make a difference in the world, prove themselves, challenge their own limits.


Your ideal customer

They are very energetic, competitive and are not afraid of new challenges. Often, they are actively looking for a new challenge and a new fight, which can be their negative side at times. They want to push their own limits and are always first who try what’s possible.


Connect with your audience

Speak to their deep desire to challenge themselves and their limits, to prove their worth by doing something difficult or impossible (for others). Inspire them by giving them challenging tasks, a reason to stand up and protect someone more vulnerable, to be selfless and courageous.


What your brand experience should be?

Constantly produce results to show Hero customers that whatever challenge comes your way, you’re always proving your worth and up for it. Offer products or services that would help your customers think that using them will put them ahead of everyone else.


Brands and people within the Hero archetype


Nike, BWM, FedEx, Adidas


Rocky Balboa, Pink, Achillies (Greek fighter)





Does this describe your brand?


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