Is Ruler your brand's *irresistible* personality?

Ruler Brand Archetype is all about becoming a leader.

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

Margaret Thatcher

Taking control, providing order and structure

The Ruler is called to put a stop to the chaos around them, take control of their lives and do so by exerting their power.

If your brand is the Ruler, you help your customers become Rulers and use their authority and experience to influence change.


The Ruler is well connected, intelligent and capable of holding power, willing to use his natural Rulership skills to create more wealth, order and influence others. This archetype is often thought of as being stuffy and putting their head high (and often called the “Ruler” or “Royalty”), but it’s actually far from the truth. Whenever we’re ready to take take the responsibility for our lives, our careers or our families and are willing to be the ones to say “no” to some things and do what needs to be done, the Ruler activates within us. Most entrepreneurs are Rulers, even though they may create businesses and brands that fall under other archetypes. They themselves are the ones who could find the strength and power within them to put themselves out there, make use of their skills and experience, make necessary connections and influence others to support their venture.

The Summary

Motto: Power makes the world go round.

Basic desire: To be powerful and to influence others.

Goal & objective: To take control, use their connections and power to make a change.

Fear: Chaos, to be overthrown from the Ruler’s seat.

Strategy: The exercise of power, influence, connections.

Weakness:  Not being able to delegate and let go, being authoritarian.

Talent: Rulership, responsibility.

The call: Feeling out of control, not in the driver’s seat. Assuming they must take control to bring things back to order.

Your customers need: To feel in control like they are the ones who make decisions and to be treated with respect and as equals.


Your ideal customer

They are natural Rulers and if you asked them, they could track this fact back to the kinder garden when they were the ones who always told other kids what they’re going to play next. They willingly take responsibility and are very capable of taking control of their situation. Their biggest fear is being dependant on somebody else, not being in the driver’s seat and not having their own say (especially that they feel they are usually the most capable in the room).

Ruler archetype doesn’t only activate in entrepreneurs and politicians, though. A mother who is tired of the mess in her house and screaming children will also use this archetype to bring things back to order by using her status and power to take back control of the situation.


Connect with your audience

Talk to their deep need for being the Ruler and exerting their power. Offer them products or services that will help them maintain their power and status, or even increase it. Often, business coaches try to appeal to Rulers when they offer the services that help their clients accelerate their business growth, therefore be more in control and more powerful. Brands offering high priced items that help communicate customer’s status are also falling under the Ruler archetype.

What your brand experience should be?

Your customer’s deepest desire is security and they want to increase it in their lives by exerting their power and status. That’s why your brand experience must communicate order and security itself. You must be a Ruler yourself, in a way that shows your customers you’re their equal and understand them and their values.

Avoid any kind of undermining your customer’s intelligence or capabilities as Rulers, because you will offend their ego and it will be very difficult to ever come back from this. Don’t patronize them and treat them as though they need a helping hand. Even if they do, inspire them to see what else is possible for them with your products or services, rather than focus on their shortcomings or areas they failed to succeed as they’d wish they did.


Brands and people within the Ruler archetype


Hugo Boss, Microsoft, Rolex, John Lewis


Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Elsa (Disney), Magneto (X-Men)




Does this describe your brand?


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