Is Rebel your brand's *irresistible* personality?

Rebel Brand Archetype is here to bring upon a revolution.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Rob Siltanen


Challenging the “status quo”, thinking differently.

The Rebel is all about destroying what’s not working and doing things their own way, often shocking others in the process.

If your brand is the Rebel, you love to go against the tide and shake up your industry.


The Rebel loves breaking the rules and doesn’t mind shocking others or getting attention. They are not seeking attention though. For them, being stuck in something that’s not working or following someone else’s footsteps is simply too hard to bear. They are individualists, strong spirits who forge their own way and often create revolutions.

The Summary

Motto: Rules are made to be broken.

Basic desire: Revolution, or revenge.

Goal & objective: To destroy something that’s not working, to challenge the status quo.

Fear: Being powerless. 

Strategy: Forging their own way, creating a revolution. 

Weakness:  Crime, hurting others.

Talent: Intelligence, individualism, leadership.

The call: Feeling stuck and being forced to do things that are not working. The deep need for a change, or revenge.

Your customers need: To do something differently, to break the rules, to challenge the status quo.


Your ideal customer

They often feel like an outsider, they don’t connect or resonate with the culture or people they are surrounded by. They always felt they are different and they always did things differently, even though this might have meant they were lonely or considered as an outcast. They are incredibly individual and have a deep need for following their own path.


Connect with your audience

To do that, you need to understand how tired of the old order they are feeling and evoke the need for a change in them. To inspire them to action, show them you’re an outcast just like them and that your brand is going to help them create a revolution of their own.


What your brand experience should be?

Think differently, do things differently and don’t be afraid to shock, swear or coming off strong. Your audience is drawn to brands who share the same values: individualism, strength, desire for a change and courage to be the first to shake things up.


Brands and people within the Rebel archetype


Harley Davidson, Apple, Diesel, MTV


Jack Sparrow, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, Mariah Coz





Does this describe your brand?


  1. Nat

    This is so powerful — this is my third time taking this quiz and each time it’s been informative . Thank you

    • Alex

      Hi, Nat! I’m really happy you find it helpful! I’m curious, why have you taken it as many as 3 times?

  2. Nat

    The first time I took it, my brand’s archetype was “Hero” while some of the things applied to my brand “Hero” I believe did not fully embodied what I believed my brand to be, so I took it again and the same thing happened (second time) “Creator.” Third time was a charm “Rebel” — All three of these archetypes fully expressed my ideal brand.

    I don’t know if this is at all possible.

    Thanks Alex

    • Alex

      Hi, Nat! Yes, it’s possible to have a mix of archetypes. I do always recommend to pick one as your base archetype though, so to not confuse your audience when it comes to your brand’s main goal. What is your brand’s main goal if you had to really simplify it?

  3. Nat

    I agree and I’m working on staying within one archetype.

    Although my brand is a Lifestyle Brand my brand’s main goal is to empower women to be the every day hero’ in their lives. (Or something close but when I read your question that little statement came to mind)

    I have finally nailed down my ideal client and this week I’m working on my Brand’s purpose and position so I’ve been thinking about my brand’s main goal a lot.

    • Alex

      Sounds like The Hero could be best for you then! I’m happy to hear you feel more confident about your ideal client profile now. What was helpful?

  4. Nat


    Yes the HERO resonates with me deeply but characteristics of the REBEL definitely influences my brand (my ideal client doesn’t conform although she’s feeling lost she has a deep desire to change and courage to do it ).

    I would say that first and foremost taking the Archetype quiz got me started on the right track of really thinking about my brand. Then binging your website and Pinterest account helped me to buildup my brand and put the moving parts into thought. Your articles and workbook forced me to ask difficult questions and really think about my brand and whom I want to serve. I’m still working on all of this but I would say that your valuable educational articles and FREE workbooks (thank you so much) were really so very helpful to me.

    • Alex

      I’m so happy to hear that, Nat!

  5. Nat


  6. Julia

    Hi, this is really helpful. Thank you so much!
    My brand will base on Rebel archetype and I would love to watch the example videos you have included but they’re not available anymore.
    Can you share the links / ad names so that I can visualise better?

    Thank you!


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