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Season Personality: Summer

Now that you know basics of Color Psychology and learned about Spring Season Personality, let’s talk about Summer. If Spring wasn't your jam, maybe Summer will be?   Summer color personality is all about timeless beauty, elegance and romanticism. These people are chic...

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Season Personality: Spring

Now that you know basics of Color Psychology, it's time for more in-depth blog post. Let’s dive into the Spring color personality. I am curious to see if it resonates with you and your business. What best describes the Spring personality, is this feeling you get when...

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5 signs your brand looks unprofessional

If you’re here, it means you’d like to build a luxe, premium brand, that attracts the ideal client (with serious budget & attitude to their business) and sets the right price expectations. You’ve probably had to either do it yourself, or hire an affordable designer....

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Want to charge premium prices? Here’s how

Wouldn’t you like to be able to raise your prices by 100% ? Or a 300%? How amazing would be to charge premium? What would you be able to do with that money? How much less time would you need to spend hustling for new clients, because don’t need that many of them to...

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Color psychology – basics

Color psychology is something every creative should know about. We are taught about at Art Schools and we learn it at work. Not using this powerful knowledge is loosing out on personality, vibrancy and impact of your brand. I’m sure you’ve had problems choosing the...

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When to hire a designer for your business?

When you’re a startup owner, it’s super important how you spend your time and money. As an entrepreneur I understand it very well.   If I need to spend few hundreds on a course, I do my research and make sure it’s worth my hard earned money and the person who is...

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